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The Supplier Analysis Session white paper guides you through the process of identifying, classifying, appraising and costing up the suppliers you use to run your business. The results have been eye-opening to those that have done it. At a time when cash is king and urgent moves need to be made to ensure your business is agile enough to survive these uncertain times, this is a valuable exercise to complete.


Happy Kerfufflers

We have been running supplier MOT sessions which are based on our SAS white paper. We spend an hour going through an agent's full list of estate agency suppliers and then appraise their usage of each. We’ve worked with some of the very best agents across the country and achieved significant results.

Paramount, Drivers & Norris & Lawrence Rand

"I had a consultation with Kerfuffle regarding inefficiencies in our lettings process. Specifically, how long renewals were taking and what a considerable drain on resources they were. Within just a couple of weeks we had a custom-made bot built that we are currently rolling out. We anticipate this will save us circa 15 hours a month and crucially will improve the client experience. ”

Ryan Woolfenden, Leader Fox

"Kerfuffle looked at what the needs of my business are, and matched me up with the best PropTech out there."

Zoe Bywater, Lettings Manager, Belvoir

"I came away with some really good PropTech that fits straight into our processes.”

Gareth Birkett, Juna Property

Need help creating a shortlist based on your current business challenges and goals?

We can help - in fact helping estate agents find the best suppliers for their businesses is what we do. We take into account your current technology and systems, what’s working and what isn’t.

Claim your free MOT today (usually worth £250). 

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